How to watch French Netflix outside France

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What is Netflix, and how can I watch it?

Netflix is one of the most significant TV and movie streaming services in the world. In 2007, its online service launched in the US, and, 7 years later, in 2014, they expanded their viewing to France.

Netflix is available in over 190 countries to date. It’s easier to say which countries don’t have Netflix; its availability covers practically all of the world.

This Fortune 500 company, with its $1.8 billion net income, is one of our viewing staples when it comes to TV.

Not satisfied with streaming existing and shared programs, in 2011, Netflix began to acquire content purely for its own platform. Since that time, Netflix continues to strive for an original content-led service.

Not only does it produce its own TV—it produces great TV. Netflix Originals are some of the most talked-about shows the world over. Often changing the way we watch, utilizing technology in different ways to anyone else, and approaching subjects and topics where others fear or haven’t thought to tread.

If you want to catch some of the best original programming on Netflix France, then Marianne, Call My Agent (Dix Pour Cent), The Hookup Plan (Plan Coeur) or La Mante should be on your list.

With around 6,000 available titles, Netflix has enough shows and movies to keep anyone from getting bored.

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