How To Watch Live Rugby - Every Rugby Live Stream

Rugby has become a popular sport all over the world with international competitions like the Six Nations and the Rugby World cup drawing in an international crowd. In 1895 Ruby was split due to financial reasons Rugby Union and Rugby League was formed they’re both have 6 different rules between each other like Rugby Union has 15 player compared to Ruby Leagues 13 players. Ruby Union is predominantly played in the South of England and also the dominant code in Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Rugby League is played in the north of England where it is more popular than Rugby Union. In the Southern Hemisphere, Rugby League is the more dominant code in Australia but in New Zealand and South Africa Rugby Union.

Whether it’s the Premiership Rugby, Six Nations, Champions Cup, United Rugby Championship or the Rugby League Super League you want to watch. Watching live rugby through cable TV can come at an expense. It’s estimated that the average household spends around $80 USD on cable TV every single month.

Depending on where you live you might not be able to watch every game either. For example in the UK Rugby Unions Premiership only show around 80 live rugby matches on tv but in the US you can watch every game live. This is down to TV licensing similar to the blackouts experienced in US sports.

Now in the US where Rugby isn’t as popular, you can watch Rugby Union live through NBC’s Peacock TV from $4.99 USD a month. This will give you access to the most popular Rugby Union leagues and competitions. The great news is you can watch Peacock TV and other services all over the world with StreamLocator. StreamLocator will allow a quick, easy and cheaper solution to the expensive TV packages that cable TV charges.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? So how can I sign up for Peacock TV using StreamLocator? Well, it’s easy if you follow the steps below:

Step 1

Grab yourself a StreamLocator Hub and connect it to your router at home. The hub will automatically open access to Peacock TV when you’ve connected your devices.

Step 2

Download the Peacock TV app onto your phone and use Google or Apple pay to sign up for the monthly subscription

Step 3

Enjoy watching Rugby Union through your favorite streaming device directly onto your TV!

Check out our in-depth overview of the services that you can use to watch live rugby:

ServicePrice USDRugby Union or Rugby LeagueCompetitions Shown
Peacock (USA)$4.99 a month!Rugby Union OnlySix Nations watch England Rugby Team
Premiership Rugby
Challenge Cup
Sevens Series
Championship Cup
The best option for Rugby Union supporters only
DAZN (Canada)$12.50 a monthRugby Union OnlySix Nations
Sportsnet Now (Canada)$28 a monthBothPremiership Rugby
Rugby League Super League
Best for supporters of both leagues
DSTV (African)$45 a monthRugby Union onlyRugby World Cup
Six Nations watch England Rugby Team
Premiership Rugby
Champions Cup
United Rugby Championship
Cable TV$80 a month!Both Rugby Union and Rugby LeaguePremiership Rugby
European Professional Club Rugby
Rugby League Super League

Traditional Cable

As reliable as cable tv is, it comes at a price. At around $80 USD a month this will give you access to the basic league’s football has to offer and you may find yourself needing to upgrade packages to gain the content you want.

They have poor customer service and the recent meteoric rise of streaming services has made customers realize there are many drawbacks to watching and paying for traditional cable.

All in all, while cable providers still allow a fairly user-friendly easy way to watch the Rugby live season, they are certainly not the best option around - especially when it comes to pricing and availability of games.

Streaming Services - The best way to watch live rugby


watch live rugby stream on peacock

Now if Ruby League isn’t your thing and you’re only interested in Rugby Union then Peacock TV is the best option for you. Coming in at $4.99 a month it gives you access to Six Nations, Premiership Rugby, Challenge Cup, Sevens Series and Championship Cup. One of the best features is it allows you to watch every single Premiership Rugby game in a season meaning you will not miss any of the action. This is perfect for you Rugby Union fans. This is a great package for England Rugby Fans as well as International rugby fans as it shows the major international tournaments.

Sportsnet Now

watch live rugby stream on sportsnet now

If you are a big rugby fan and love to watch both Rugby Union and Rugby Super League then Sportsnet Now is your best choice. This Canadian service holds the rights to every live Premiership Rugby Union and Rugby Super League game. The service costs $28 a month, a lot cheaper than the cable tv alternatives.


watch live rugby stream on dstv now

DSTV Now is an African TV service that shows Rugby Union Leagues only. Through their sports channels SuperSports, they show Rugby World Cup, Six Nations, Premiership Rugby, Champions Cup and United Rugby Championship. This is a very expensive package compared to Peacock TV’s $4.99 USD monthly cost.